Pattern – Basic Couch Throw

OK…here’s my basic go to pattern for a couch throw.  Mine typically measure about 3′ x 5’5″.  I’m currently using Bernat Home Bundle in black & white with an L hook for my latest creation.  The picture is about 1 1/2 skeins in.

You can use a single strand of #6-Super Bulky yarn with an L hook (7 8.8oz. Skeins) or 2 strands of #6-Super Bulky Yarn with a Q hook (7 8.8oz. Skeins) or 4 strands of #4-medium weight with a Q hook (about 16 7oz. Skeins).  If using multi strands you can play with the colors!

Make a foundation chain measuring about 3 feet.  In 2nd chain from hook insert DC, DC in every chain.  At the end of row Chain 2 and turn, DC in top of every DC until end of row, Chain 2 turn and repeat this until it measures about 5 1/2 feet.

All done!  Super quick and easy!


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