Crochet Basics – Yarn

So let’s talk yarn!  It comes in different weights and different fibers and is absolutely fun to shop for!

Weights range from 1-6.

  • 1 – Super Fine (fingerling, baby, sock)
  • 2 – Fine (sport, baby)
  • 3 – Light (light worsted)
  • 4 – Medium (worsted, afghan, aran)
  • 5 – Bulky (chunky, craft, rug)
  • 6 – Super Bulky (bulky, roving)

The weight of the yarn will determine your hook size needed.  So the higher the weight of the yarn…the larger the hook you’ll need.  The weights are clearly marked on yarn packages, so pay attention to them when shopping since you’ll need to purchase the correct weight for a pattern.

Make sure you always check out the care instructions, and dye lots on packages too.  You don’t want a wool yarn that can’t be washed for a baby blanket!  It matters!  The dye colors also vary from skein to skein so make sure you find enough of the same dye lot to complete your project.  If you don’t and you start the next skein…the color might be slightly off.  Trust me, it’s frustrating!

On to FIBERS!  Acrylic, wool, wool blends, and cotton are most common.  A few things to keep in mind when picking out a fiber content…

  • cotton – used for commonly for potholders (won’t melt!),  dishclothes, rugs (won’t slip on the floor like acrylic)
  • acrylic – very durable and holds up to frequent washing, your basic all purpose yarn, good for baby items since there’s less chance of an allergy factor.
  • wool – good for hats & scarfs for adults as it’s warm!  Wool blends are typically less scratchy.  Can sometimes wash the blends…pay attention to the yarn label.

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